Monday, November 20, 2006

out of touch.

Man, it has been a month full of non stop everything! All of it good, mind you, but still... We had Z's 10th birthday on the 26th, holy smokes! I cannot believe that it has been ten years since she was the tiniest sweetest baby girl, and now? Still the sweetest, but ten! And growing like a lil' weed. Halloween right after that - she made her costume this year, she was a pilgrim. Dual purpose costume, she's going to wear it Thanksgiving as well, just for fun. Birthday party that weekend, small this year but still high maintenance - four kids came over to cook their own dinner and have a lovely dinner party. They were fantastic and hilarious and I am still exhausted. I've finished the knitted thang I am sending to the One Skein orphan I adopted, and I am wrapping up my apron for the apron swap. And some other stuff I'm still working on. Okay, uncle!!! And I swear I will post pictures of all of the above as soon as I can get myself together. Swear.

And what else? How 'bout that election, huh? Woo hoo! The people have spoken, for certain. Phew.


Blogger meg said...

Your month sounds like the one I have had around here! Thanks a million for a thoughtful and wonderful package! LOVE the pink Food Processor you got for your birthday:)

11:33 AM  

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